Sometimes, I do things besides writing/teaching:


In the Winter of 2018, I began training with a group at my local gym to compete in Strong(wo)man Competitions. I have always enjoyed weight lifting but I found this community to be extremely welcoming and fun.

In April 2018, I competed in my first competition, Connecticut’s Strongest at Lightning Fitness.

This was just a warm up set. I did not complete the competition weight but it was fun to try 🙂
I did really well in the “Farmer’s Carry” 200lbs per hand for 100ft

In August 2018, I competed in Brooklyn’s Strongest

My first attempt at a 405lbs Deadlift… The bar moved but not all the way 🙁


My wife and I are on restoring a 19th century table. We hope to finish soon.

Here we are staining the recently cleaned and sanded table legs.