In November 2017, I spent 3 weeks in Wellington, New Zealand gathering materials for my dissertation. It was an amazing and productive trip on which I failed to take pictures. (Except of course the thousands of pages in the archives…) Anyways here are a few.

Locker 42 kept all of my gear and of course food while in Archives New Zealand. I tried to use 42 in the Turnbull Library but someone else kept stealing it first.

During my last weekend, my gracious hosts prepared me some local cuisine. They were amazing and made the trip so much easier for me.

Upon learning of my interest in music, my host introduced me to a friend who kindly took me to a few “open mics.” I got to play for a little while at one of the bars!


Ever in the archival state of mind, I noticed this on my hosts’ kitchen table. See the history of electric power systems in New Zealand is relevant. They told me they would hang it on the refrigerator.